The Administration Division coordinates all functions of the Sheriff's Office and supports operations by providing resources, policies and leadership. This division provides administrative and financial resources, equipment, training and community services.

The Sheriff's Administration works closely with Human Resources to negotiate and administer the collective bargaining agreements between the county and the union representatives and members, policy development and grievance resolution. This division also partners with Human Resources to maintain personnel records and assist with the hiring process. 

Another responsibility of the Administration Division is overseeing the development and preparation of the annual budget and managing the capital improvement program. Seeking, securing, implementing and reporting grant funding and managing contracts and agreements are also an important part of this responsibility. 

The Sheriff's Administration has always believed in and valued training and staff development. The Administration Division continually makes training available for staff on topics such as firearms, use of force, emergency vehicle operations, emergency medical treatment, officer safety, crisis intervention, regional response and many other topics as needed by assignment. The Sheriff's Office is accredited by the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training, which allows us the approve and sponsor continuing education opportunities.