Medical Services

The Jail clinic provides all routine medical and dental care, basic mental health care, and any required minor office procedures. Registered nurses provide onsite care and a physician is always available to assist the nursing staff.

Inmates must inform jail or nursing staff of their medical needs through the inmate request system. A $10 fee is assessed for each nurse, doctor and dentist visit. Inmates are charged for all medication provided and any offsite treatment required.

Non-prescription medications are also available for purchase for minor healthcare issues.

Other Medications

Family members and friends can drop off medications in the main lobby of the jail. Only valid, non-expired prescriptions are accepted.

Authorized items such as contact lens solutions will only be accepted in new, unopened, non-tampered containers.

HIPPA Regulations

Due to patient confidentiality and HIPPA regulations, we cannot answer medical questions and concerns over the phone. The inmate must sign a HIPPA Release of Information form before any information can be given in writing.