Emergency Management

Crow Wing County Emergency Management is located within the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office. Emergency Management is responsible for the development and implementation of an all-hazard emergency plan to guide county personnel and resources during times of disaster and crisis including but not limited to: naturally occurring disasters, accidental or intentional man-made disasters, disease outbreak and many other potential situations. Emergency Management is also responsible for opening and managing the county's Emergency Operations Center.

Emergency Management administers a countywide program that integrates partnerships on local, state and federal levels for day to day operations and during times of crisis. Emergency Management works with a wide range of partners within Crow Wing County and beyond including, but not limited to, law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services, public health, public works, hospitals, schools, government administrators, elected officials, volunteer organizations and private sector businesses. This coordination and partnership follows the all-hazard approach through the Integrated Emergency Management System methodology framework for preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

  • Preparedness - planning, training, conducting drills and exercises, testing equipment and public education.
  • Response - all of the actions immediately after a disaster taken to save lives, as well as activities to protect property and the environment from the effects of the disaster.
  • Recovery - returning a disaster-affected community to "normal" after a disaster, including financial recovery and rebuilding.
  • Mitigation - reducing or removing disaster risks in the community. 

Crow Wing County Emergency Management is part of the Minnesota Homeland Security Emergency Management Northeast Region 2 and a member of the Association of Minnesota Emergency Managers. They also participate in many preparedness initiatives including Winter Hazard Awareness Week, Severe Weather Awareness Week and National Preparedness Month. 

"Emergency Preparedness - It’s Everyone’s Responsibility"

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