Sentence to Service (STS)

The Jail's Program Unit runs the Crow Wing County Sentence To Service (STS) Program. STS is a sentencing alternative that allows courts to sentence carefully selected, nonviolent offenders to work. Crow Wing County inmates who participate in STS have the opportunity to work in the kitchen or do laundry. By participating in Sentence to Service, inmates can reduce their jail sentences and/or work off financial obligations, including jail per diems, fines, correctional fees and restitution.

If you qualify and are interested in Sentence to Service, complete the STS contract (PDF). Copies are also available at the front desk of the jail. Submit the completed contract by mail or in-person to the Crow Wing County Jail.

All base fines, other delinquent fines, and pay-for-stay fees must be worked off or paid in full before you are allowed to work off jail time. All base fines are worked off at a rate of $10 per hour and pay-for-stay at a rate of $50 per day, based on a full day on STS.

Sentence to Service Fees

  • All inmates are required to pay a $25 booking fee. 
  • All sentenced Crow Wing County inmates are charged a $25 Pay-for-Stay fee for each day in custody.
  • STS inmates are charged a $5 card fee. 
  • The required drug test is $40 prior to starting STS and for each additional requested test. You will not be allowed to start the program unless/until your test results are negative. 
  • Sentenced inmates who will be in jail for 14 days or longer must have a Mantoux (tuberculosis) test. The cost of the test is $10.