Harassment Restraining Orders

To obtain a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO), you need to file a Petition and Affidavit with the Crow Wing County Court Administration office.

Defining Harassment

Harassment is defined as repeated, intrusive or unwanted acts, words or gestures that are intended to adversely affect the safety, security or privacy of another, regardless of the relationship between the actor and the intended target. Victims of harassment have the ability to obtain a restraining order from the court.

Harassment Restraining Orders involve parties who are not related or do not live in the same household. Orders for Protection involve family members or members of a significant relationship. If you have any additional questions regarding the differences of these two orders, please contact Court Administration.

Harassment Restraining Order Process

After a petition is submitted to Court Administration, the District Judge reviews the documents for an HRO. Court Administration will then send the documents to the Sheriff's Office and the Civil Process Unit will process it for service. If the respondent resides in another county, Court Administration will forward the HRO to that county for service. For questions regarding service in counties outside of Crow Wing, please call the Sheriff's Office of that county or Court Administration.

The Sheriff's Office does not charge for the service of any Harassment Restraining Order. 

For additional information visit the Self Help Center on the Minnesota Judicial Branch website.