E911 Address System

Crow Wing County uses a county-wide Enhanced-911 addressing system. The role of the E911 Addressing system is to provide the public with competent, timely and effective emergency and non-emergency public safety service. 

The primary purpose for utilizing the E911 addressing system is for public safety services to locate your property; the use of your address for mail delivery service is a by-product of the E911 system. The proper display of your address number and sign assists emergency responders in quickly locating you when an incident is reported and may reduce response time, save lives and property.

How do I apply for an E-911 address for my property?

You can apply for a new E-911 address online using our address application; fill out application #10: E911 Address. The fee for a new E911 Address is $100.00. 

Note: If you live on a county road, township road, or state highway, please be sure you have an entrance permit from the proper road authority. Please contact CWC Highway Department to apply for an entrance permit if you live on a township road located in 1st Assessment or 2nd Assessment, or a county road anywhere in Crow Wing County.

Need Assistance? Call or visit the Land Services office and staff will assist you in applying for a new address.

I live in a City, how do I get an E-911 address for my property?

Contact your city's office to inquire about their address application process. Please note that fees and procedures for obtaining an E911 address vary by city.

When will I receive my address and sign?

When your application is received, it will be reviewed by a land services staff member within a few business days. Once reviewed, your new address number will be assigned and sent to your provided contact information. If needed, a staff member will follow-up with you for more information before assigning your new address.

Our staff will visit your property to determine a good location for your sign. Please have the driveway location clearly marked or flagged so that our staff can install your new blue E911 sign in a safe and visible location. Signs are typically not installed during the winter season between December and March.

What if I share a driveway?

Two homes or structures can have addresses on one shared driveway. When a third address is requested at this driveway or entrance, it is required that a new road be created to accommodate the increased number of addresses using that entrance. The shared driveway will be named as a new road and the applicant will be charged a fee of $300.00 for the installation of new street signs at that intersection, and all of the addresses previously located on that shared driveway will be re-assigned to the new road.

Who is responsible for maintenance of my sign?

Keep your sign visible at all times; remove vegetation, debris, snow and other obstructions. If your sign is damaged or removed, please contact the Land Services Department for assistance requesting a new sign.

What else should I know?

  • To set up mail delivery, first apply for an E911 address at Land Services. After your address is assigned, contact your local mail delivery service provider to set up mailing services.
  • E911 Address not showing up in map searches? Submit a help-ticket directly to that mapping service using their tech support page.
  • Moving your driveway or changing the entrance point to your property will likely require a new address assignment which would require a new fee and sign to be installed.
  • An address does not imply legal access.
  • No utility operating in the county, shall furnish its utility service to any newly built or relocated structure in a governmental jurisdiction, where addressing is maintained by the County, until a valid address has been issued by the department.


The standards and policy for addressing and signs are set by the Crow Wing County Land Use Ordinance.