Problem Materials

By MN State Statute, certain items are banned from entering into the landfills (Sanitary and Demolition). To assist County residents, we have created programs to address problem materials at the Solid Waste Disposal site. For disposal costs for these and other items, please refer to our Fee Schedule

Medication Disposal

The Crow Wing County community is serious about preventing medication misuse/abuse and serious about healthy, environmentally safe disposal of unneeded medications.  To ensure safe disposal of medications we have a "Take It To The Box" program at participating locations. Take It To The Box Sites Safe medication disposal helps reduce such risks. There are now free medication disposal boxes located at six sites in Crow Wing County. The “drop off” box at each site will accept unneeded over-the-counter medications, prescriptions and narcotic drugs from community members.  

Appliances (Household)

Appliance Disposal SiteAppliances or white goods are large items defined by MN State Statute as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, heat pumps, furnace garbage disposal, clothes washers and dryers, ranges, and stoves, hot water heaters, conventional and microwave ovens, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, trash compactors, and air conditioners.

Electronics (Used)

Minnesota State Legislation, passed a State Statute banning cathode-ray tubes (CRT computer monitor and tv's) from disposing into any landfills. The Crow Wing County Board of Commissioners approved a ban on all electronics (computers and their components, copiers, fax machines, TV's VCR/DVD's stereos and telephones) from the Sanitary Landfill.

Waste Tires

Tire Disposal SiteMinnesota State Legislation, passed a State Statute banning waste tires from any landfills. Crow Wing County Solid Waste Site does provide a drop-off location for Crow Wing County residents. The County does not take tires from retailers. The cost to dispose of a tire is dependent upon size and whether the tire has a rim or without a rim.

Scrap metal Field

Scrap Metal

Crow Wing County does provide an opportunity for County Residents to dispose of their scrap metal.


In 2006, Crow Wing County partnered with Goodwill Industries to recycle dry and clean mattresses arriving at our Solid Waste Disposal Site. These mattresses are shipped to Goodwill Industries to be recycled.

If mattresses are wet and dirty, they must be disposed into the Sanitary Landfill. Disposal fees for a mattress are different for dry, clean, recycled mattresses and dirty, wet mattresses that must go in the landfill.