Survey Resources & Mapping


Environmental Services is responsible for the perpetuation and maintenance of the monuments of the original Public Land Survey System. In Crow Wing County there are approximately 4,400 corners. For Section Corner Coordinates you can go directly to Interactive Maps.

Additional Information

Land Surveyors shall follow the rules established by or pursuant to the Federal and Minnesota State Statutes concerning the location of Public Land Survey corners and subdivision of sections.

Section subdivisions have been performed by both County Surveyors and private Land Surveyors over the last 150 years that may not agree with modern section subdivisions computed by this office or others.

Strict adherence to the rules for section subdivisions should not be the only method used to determine property boundaries. Evaluation of field evidence and the location of old monuments may represent the property boundaries. There are many court cases that have accepted old monuments for property boundaries when they do not fit modern measurements.

Land Surveyors must use their own professional judgment when subdividing sections and establishing property lines.

The geographic coordinates and their associated products have no legal significance. These coordinates can not be used as a substitute for legal boundary survey. They can be used for record keeping, mapping, graphics, and planning purposes. Crow Wing County makes no warranty for use of the data. Crow Wing County does not guarantee the accuracy of the material herein contained and is not responsible for any misuse or misrepresentation of this information or its derivatives.

The information is subject to change when new information becomes available. If discrepancies are found, please contact the Survey Coordinator.