Water Quality and Water Plan

Protecting Our Resources

Water is the centerpiece of Crow Wing County. Our health, safety, and general welfare are all influenced in a large degree by our water resources. Protecting these resources is the primary purpose of our Environmental Services office. One of the ways we accomplish this is through effective water planning. Water planning is simply identifying what works best to protect and enhance Crow Wing County’s water resources.

Make a Difference for Your Lake

We believe that landowners want to "do the right thing" to protect and manage their resources. The toolbox (PDF) shows the range of local, state, and federal resources available to assist you. Whether that is a simple site visit, a plan to better manage your forest, funding to restore a shoreline, or guidance in setting aside areas for conservation purposes, we’re here to help!

Lake Water Quality and Watershed Information Map - A DNR map showing the lake water quality trends for lakes in Minnesota. Users can click on the lake to pull up additional information including links to water quality reports and factsheets.

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Pine River One Watershed, One Plan


Crow Wing County Water Plan

The Crow Wing County Land Services Department has been delegated authority by the Crow Wing County Board of Commissioners to update and revise the Local Comprehensive Water Management Plan. This update and revision process includes an indentification of local priority water resouces concerns, objectives, and actions for implementing the plan. The plan also targets specific surface and ground water resources to focus implementation efforts on. A watershed based model was used that classified each watershed by the amount of protected land (public ownership, lakes, rivers, easements, wetlands on private lands) as well as by risk factor and water plan priority.

The Water Plan