Management of Stormwater

The surest way to improve water quality in Minnesota is to better manage stormwater. Stormwater that is not managed can have devastating consequences on the quality of lakes, streams, and rivers we enjoy. Stormwater often contains oil, chemicals, excess phosphorous, toxic metals, litter, and disease-causing organisms.

In addition, stormwater frequently overwhelms streams and rivers, scours stream banks and river bottoms, and hurts or eliminates fish and other aquatic organisms.

Methods of Management

Stormwater management is an important part of the day-to-day operations of the Environmental Services Department.

  • All environmental services field staff have completed MECA training and are certified as erosion control specialists through the University of Minnesota.
  • Crow Wing County works closely with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) on plats and other projects that require an NPDES permit for disturbing 1 acre of ground. Contact Crow Wing County's local MPCA office at 218-828-2492 for more information.
  • Stormwater management is discussed with every potential applicant that comes through the Development Review Team (DRT) / public hearing process. The Crow Wing County Board of Adjustment typically requires that applicants implement a stormwater management plan as a condition of approving a variance request.
  • Stormwater management plan is required as part of a permit approval on lots with 15-25% impervious.
  • Stormwater plans or best management practices (BMPS) are required as part of every permit issued in the shore land zone.

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