Chronic Wasting Disease

Crow Wing County is taking steps to prevent the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in the local deer population. We are accepting deer carcasses from hunters that are residents of Crow Wing County at the County Landfill on Highway 210 east of Brainerd in order to provide a containment option to minimize the spread of CWD on the rest of the landscape. Carcasses will be charged according to the Land Services fee schedule for Loose Industrial Solid Waste (ISW) at $13.00 per cubic yard. *minimum charge

Crow Wing County is encouraging all hunters to bring their deer carcasses to the Landfill for disposal. The more carcasses that are brought into the Landfill and disposed of in a responsible manner, the less likely that CWD is further spread across the landscape. Deer carcasses will be placed in strategic locations within the Landfill to minimize disposal risk, so it is very important that carcasses are brought in separately from other garbage.

Everyone must check in at the scale office to be directed to the correct drop site!

Chronic Wasting Disease  -  What Hunters Need to Know  (MN DNR - PDF)

Chronic Waste Disease in Minnesota (MN DNR - PDF)

What permit area are you in? What are the testing requirements? View the DNR Deer Permit Area Map here for more information

What can you do?

  1. Keep hunting
  2. Bring deer carcasses to the CWC Landfill or to a DNR dumpster site  DNR dumpster locations *Carcasses MUST be separated from other waste
  3. Handle & dispose of your carcass in a responsible manner
  4. Stay up to date with the latest regulations @
  5. Do NOT feed deer


Crow Wing County has participated in numerous meetings with the MN Department of Natural Resources, the MN Pollution Control Agency, the MN Board of Animal Health, Conservation Officers, and several local businesses in an effort to better understand the disease and be more proactive to contain the spread. In addition, we are committed to ensuring residents get the best information that research currently offers on this disease.