Parcel Consolidation

Owners of contiguous property may request of the county an application to combine the parcels for tax purposes. The county can choose to deny the request if the parcels cross section lines and the parcels are in different unique taxing areas.

County Processes

The consolidation request process for Crow Wing County follows MN Statutes 272.121 and 272.46.

  • Any delinquent and all current-year taxes must be paid in full on all parcels being considered for consolidation. MN Statute 272.121, Subd. 1
  • Fee title of all parcels must be the same
  • The unique taxing areas must be the same (city/town, school, fire, water, etc.).
  • Parcels must be contiguous. MN Statute 272.46, Subd. 2
  • Applicant does not plan to subdivide the consolidated parcels; subdivision of a consolidated parcel may need to be approved by the governing municipality.
  • Application must be received by the Land Services Department by December 31st of the current year to be considered for the following tax year.


  • The governing municipality where the parcel is located may have restrictions on consolidation of parcels different from those of Crow Wing County. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the person(s) requesting this consolidation to be informed of any/all effects of this parcel consolidation.
  • Crow Wing County reserves the right to reject any parcel consolidation.
  • For this application to be approved the Land Services Department of Crow Wing County must favorably recommend its approval; each consolidation is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.