Recording Fees

Abstract Department

Type of FeeAmount
Recording fee (per document)$46
Multiple satisfactions or assignments$46 for 4 document citations or less
$10 for each additional citation over 4

Torrens Department

Type of FeeAmount
Original certificate of title
or original CPT
Document creating a new certificate
or CPT
Document creating a memorial$46
Residue certificate or additional
new certificate
Entry of memorial on additional certificates$20
Exchange certificates$20 for each cancelled
$20 for each created
Registered land survey$56
Certificate of condition$50

Miscellaneous Fees

Type of FeeAmount
Well certificates$50
Certified copies$10 flat fee
Photocopies$0.25 per page
(minimum of $2 if mailed or emailed)
Faxed copies$1 per page, $2 minimum
Plat copies$10
Certified plat copies$15
Certified copy of
registered land survey
Duplicate submitted at
recording for filing data