Payment Information

I have a court order and there is a child support case open, where do I send my payment?

All payments must be sent to:
MN Payment Center
PO Box 64326
St. Paul, MN 55164-0326

You must include your social security number or your member (MCI) number from your billing statement with the payment for proper crediting.

How does income-withholding work?

Under Minnesota law, employers are allowed to deduct child support payments during the employer's pay periods. Payroll may be done once a week, every other week, twice a month, or once a month. The support amount will be divided between the pay periods.

The employer has 7 days to send the payment to the Child Support Payment Center after taking the money from the payroll check.

What if the person that pays support is required to pay support for more than 1 family?

Federal and state law requires that the money will be divided between the families.

When will the custodial parent get the payment?

The Child Support Payment Center processes all payments. Most payments are sent by direct deposit into a checking or savings account, or added to a stored value card within 24 hours of receiving the payment. There may be a "processing time" of 2 business days from when the payment is sent to the bank and the bank credits the account. To check if payments have been received you can view your case information at:

I lost my card?


Automatic Withdrawal of Child support Payments

Forms to sign up to have your child support payments automatically withdrawn from your account can be found at the Minnesota Child Support Division website.

Tax refund payments received by the Child Support office are held for 30 days if the person filed tax return as single or 6 months if married filing jointly.

Automatic recurring withdrawal for your child support payments (PDF)

Additional payment options


  • Pay with cash at Casey's, 7-Eleven, CVS & Family Dollar.
    • Simply download the pay-near-me app or contact your Child Support Officer for a barcode.

MoneyGram Payment 

  • Pay with cash at a MoneyGram location, Walmart & CVS.
    • Use your MCI and code # 14665. (If you need your MCI, contact your Child Support worker)

Bring payment to Crow Wing County Community Services

  • Crow Wing County Community Services
    • 204 Laurel Street, P.O. Box 686, Brainerd, MN 56401
    • 218-824-1260

What happens when my child turns 18 or has emancipated?

After a child emancipates, our office will stop charging current support but will continue collection efforts on past-due child support. If there is no past due child support owed, the case will close.

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