Reviewing Orders / Bringing Own Action

Request for Review

If you are receiving child support services and have a change in circumstances, you can submit a written request for a review of your order to your child support worker. Include your current circumstances and reason for your request and the county will review your case to see if it meets criteria for change.

If the county determines your case meets the criteria and a change should be made the county will prepare the legal paperwork. If the county determines your case does not meet the criteria for change, you can bring your own court action or hire an attorney to request a change in the court order.

Bringing Your Own Action

If you are not receiving child support services or you want to bring your own action, you can complete legal papers, called a motion. You can bring an action before the court to change your order or you can hire an attorney to bring an action. Depending on the type of motion, forms and instructions can be obtained at Minnesota Court Forms.

Additional Information

For more information on changing your court order or child support laws visit Minnesota Child Support.

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