Payments & Enforcement

Support Payments

Support payments must be sent to the State of Minnesota Payment Center to be credited to the case. Most child support payments are collected through income withholding through a payer of funds. The payment center will send the payment to the custodial parent through direct deposit of funds into a checking or savings account, or add the amount to a stored value card. You may be charged a 1% fee if money is collected. If you have an open child support case you must report any direct payments you get from the other parent to your worker.

Noncustodial Parent Payments

If a noncustodial parent is paying child support the county will monitor the case for payments and compliance with the court order. Income withholding orders will be sent to employers or payers of funds. Cost-of-living-adjustments (COLA) will be implemented by the child support agency on Minnesota court orders when possible.

When a noncustodial parent is not paying child support, the county may be able to use enforcement remedies to encourage the parent to pay their support. Each enforcement remedy has criteria that must be met before an action can be taken. Contact your assigned worker for possible enforcement actions on your case.


Remedies for enforcement include:

  • Civil contempt court action
  • Criminal nonsupport court action
  • Denying a student grant or passport
  • Financial institution data matching
  • Intercepting tax refunds and lottery winnings
  • Interest charging
  • Judgment entry
  • Reporting unpaid balances to credit bureaus
  • Starting an interstate collection action
  • Suspending driver's, recreational, and occupational licenses

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