Enforcing a Child Support Order

If you have a court order for child support, and apply for enforcement services, the child support agency will assign a child support worker for your case. The assigned worker will help in the collection of support and the enforcement of the court order. All efforts will be made to locate the parent and to have the court ordered support paid.

My Responsibilities

If you find out the other parent has changed jobs, let your case worker know. Keep your case worker informed or name or address changes for yourself, your child, and/or the other parent. Inform us of any court action you are taking. The success in collecting support depends on you taking an active role in your case. Supply your worker with any information you think might be helpful.

Agency Responsibilities

The child support agency will:

  • Collect current and past due basic support amounts
  • Collect current and past due medical support amounts or enforce medical language that requires 1 or both parents to provide insurance for the child
  • Collect set dollar amounts of court ordered child care support
  • In some situations, the agency will collect spousal maintenance amounts

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