Transient Merchant

Important Information

  • Crow Wing County issues transient merchant licenses county-wide unless a city has a specific license. The enforcing authority has final say on who needs a license. Crow Wing County does not advise. Examples of enforcing authorities would be the Crow Wing County Sheriff or the local police department depending on the location of selling.
  • Those selling out of motorized vehicles are not required to have a transient merchant license
  • Those selling farm or garden products occupied and cultivated by themselves are not required to have a license


A transient merchant license application (PDF) must be completed. The fee is $150; cash, check or money order made payable to Crow Wing County. The license term is 1 year from date of issuance.

Surety Bond

A minimum $1,000 surety bond or cash is required. If a bond accompanies the application it must be brought to the Administrative Services office where it will be retained.

Certification of Compliance - Minnesota Workers' Compensation

This form (PDF) must accompany the application.

Minnesota License Application Form

If it is a new application this form (PDF) must accompany the application. This form provides MN and Federal tax I.D. numbers. If the request is for a renewal application and the original form is on file, it does not need to accompany the application.

Supply Inventory List

A supply inventory list must accompany the application.

Time Frame

It is possible that a license will be issued the same day if all paperwork and fees are complete and acceptable.