On Sale & Sunday Liquor Sales

Currently Hold License

If you currently hold an On Sale and Sunday Liquor Sales license for your establishment, your license expires June 30th at Midnight. You will be mailed a renewal application. If you do not receive a renewal applications by April 1st, contact our office.

Applying for a new license

If you are applying for a new On Sale and Sunday Liquor Sales license for your establishment complete the forms, read on...

Crow Wing county Ordinance Regulating Liquor Licenses

All provisions of MN Statute 340A Liquor Laws are incorporated and part of the ordinance (PDF).

Special Events - Temporary Extension of Premises

Alcohol can only be served and consumed inside the building, read on... (PDF)

Transfer of a Liquor License During a License Year

If the owners of an establishment change during a liquor license year the process to transfer the license to the new owner includes applying for a new license, a letter stating the agreement to transfer the liquor license to the new owner and an inventory list that includes the size, number and brand, signed by both the former and new owner. A transfer is a new license; please allow 6 to 8 weeks.