Changing your name after marriage

Notice to marriage applicants with a felony conviction 
Legislation does not allow for a person who has a felony conviction to change their name through the marriage process. The name change process must be completed through the district court.

  • MN Residents - Minnesota Statute 259.10 lays out the requirements for a MN resident to apply for a name change through the district court. M.S. 259.13, subd. 5 allows a person with a felony conviction to apply for a name change through the district court for no fee if the person files the action within 180 days after the marriage and a certified copy of the marriage certificate is submitted to the court.
  • Non-MN Residents – Contact the district court for your county of residence for further guidance.


Here are suggestions of with whom you may need to change your name. They may not all apply to your situation.

This list for informational purposes only and may not include all agencies or businesses that need to be notified of your marriage and name change. Each organization will have their own specific policy or procedure, please contact the organization for instructions.

  • Social Security Administration (
  • Driver’s license or Identification Card (in Minnesota, it must be done within 30 days.)
  • Voter registration (contact your county’s elections department or MN Secretary of State.)
  • State and Federal (IRS) tax authorities.
  • Insurance (life, health, auto, homeowner’s, etc.) companies.
  • HR department at work.
  • Pension/ Retirement company or department at work.
  • Social/ Community Service and/ or other entitlement programs.
  • Change vehicle titles and car insurance.
  • Property titles/ deeds (contact the County Recorder in the county of the property for information.)
  • Banks and other financial institutions where you have loans, mortgages, checking/ savings accounts.
  • Amend your Will if you have one. (See your attorney about this and other legal items.)
  • Credit Card and store charge accounts.
  • School and/ or university records.
  • If you are of Draft age, notify Selective Service. (
  • Veterans Administration (VA) – veteran’s benefits and related. (
  • Military Chain of Command if you are in the military.
  • Medical providers (doctor, dentist, pharmacy, and hospital, among others.)
  • US Post Office and mail carrier.
  • Passport – Contact the US Department of State or a Passport Agent (