Getting Married?

A marriage license purchased in Minnesota is valid for 6 months & allows you to be married within the geographical boundaries of Minnesota. The official who performs the marriage ceremony should file the marriage license with us within 5 days of the ceremony (MS 517.10).

How to apply

Civil marriage licenses may be applied for online or in person at our office. However, if applying online, both of the contracting parties must appear in person in our office to sign the civil marriage license application.

If one of the parties is unable to appear in person, the non-appearing party must complete a supplemental form (PDF) for party not appearing (the non-appearing party's signature must be notarized on this form).

What to bring

  • Identification such as a driver's license or state issued ID.
  • If 1 or both of you has a felony conviction, please read Minnesota statute MS 259.13 for requirements.
  • Social Security Number
  • If previously married, number of previous civil marriages, how last marriage terminated (death or divorce), date (mm/dd/yyyy) and place terminated, court terminated and the previous married name
  • If either of the parties is under 18, we must have court approval to issue the license - call our office for more information
  • The full name each of the parties will take after the civil marriage & their address after the civil marriage


  • $115 - Regular fee: Payable by cash, check, debit or credit card, or money order is due at time of application.
  • $40 - Reduced fee: If the you have obtained premarital education as per MS 517.08. You must bring in a signed and dated statement, printed on the church or educator's letterhead with the educator's signature notarized. The names on the educator's statement must match names on the marriage license application. This statement must be presented at the time the marriage license is applied for or the regular license fee is due. There are no refunds on the fees charged for a marriage license.

Additional Information

  • A packet of information will be given to you with your license. Included are instructions for changing your name with other entities.
  • A marriage must be witnessed by 2 adults (16 or older).
  • Neither of you is required to be a Minnesota resident.
  • Your license may be used for 6 months anywhere within the geographical boundaries of Minnesota.
  • Minnesota Marriage License Application Statute 517.08.
  • The official who performs the marriage ceremony should file the marriage license with us within 5 days of the ceremony (MS 517.10).
  • Notary services are available at our office and other offices in the court house.
  • Online marriage record / certificate lookup.

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