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Slalom Course Permit

  1. Slalom Course Permit Application
  2. Permit Info*
  3. Do you own property on the lake where the course is proposed?*
  4. Location of proposed structure:
  5. Adjacent property owners: Adjacent property owners are defined as those whose property is directly on-shore from the course and 200 feet on either end of the marked course. **Use additional sheets as necessary**
  6. Diagram your site on the back of this form. Return this form along with a check payable to the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office for $100.00 for initial permits and $25.00 for renewal permits. Additional renewal fees may be charged if an on-site inspection is needed. Your drawing should encompass the shoreline and lake area in front of your lot and the affected lots on either side. Be sure to include any comments from affected property owners and any other information you feel is relevant and helpful. Indicate north on your drawing.
  7. Mail form and check to: Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office Attn: Boat & Water Permitting 304 Laurel Street, Brainerd, MN 56401
  8. Leave This Blank: