DWI Court

Mission Statement of Crow Wing County DWI Court

The mission of the Crow Wing County DWI Court is to enhance public safety by increasing the supervision of DWI offenders, reducing recidivism rates and increasing success of treatment. This results in participants becoming contributing members of society with restored self worth.

What is DWI Court?

  • A judicially supervised treatment-based program for adults who are charged with certain eligible offenses.
  • A proven method of controlling both the alcohol usage and criminality of alcohol-using offenders.
  • DWI Court consists of the following team members: judge, prosecutor, defense counsel, probation agent, substance abuse specialists, law enforcement, sober community representative, and coordinator.
  • It features a team approach to rigorous treatment, coordinated with intensive supervision, random and regular alcohol and drug testing, regular and frequent court appearances, and education and employment opportunities.
  • It is an environment with clear and specific expectations and goals.

Participant Motivation to Enter DWI Court

Participants entering into Crow Wing County DWI Court will receive a reduced sentence as follows:

  • Serve mandatory minimum (as required by Minnesota Statutes) in the Crow Wing County Jail.
  • Waiver of the costs of the criminal fine with the exception of surcharges and fees.
  • Upon graduation from DWI Court, participants' probation will become less restrictive.
  • Payment of $1,300 DWICourt fee (portion of payments due at the end of each phase).
    • Phase I: $200 fee
    • Phase II: $300 fee
    • Phase III: $400 fee
    • Phase IV: $400 fee