DWI Court

DWI Court eligibility

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Crow Wing County resident.
  • Has pled guilty to an eligible offence according to program policy.
  • Determined to be amenable to probation.
  • Determined to be in need of treatment.
  • Determined to meet the other program qualifications and standards.

An individual is not automatically admitted to the Crow Wing County DWI Court. Referred individuals are admitted into the program via the discretion of the DWI Court Team.

What is DWI Court?

  • A judicially supervised treatment-based program for adults who are charged with certain eligible offenses. 
  • A program with clear and specific expectations and goals. 
  • Participants are held to a high standard of accountability while focusing on making behavioral change to improve their quality of life and the community in which they live. 
  • It features a multi-agency approach to treatment coordinated with intensive supervision.
  • Demonstrated approach to lasting recovery and reduced recidivism.

DWI Court Facts

DWI Court has a 5.37% recidivism rate.

Treatment Court research reflects that for every $1 spent on drug/DWI courts there is a savings of $10 due to reduced jail/prison use, reduced criminality, and lower criminal justice cost.

Program Description

The DWI Court is an 18-month program divided into four phases ending in a graduation. 

As participants grow in their recovery, they earn more privileges and freedom within the program. 

During all phases of the program participants will be required to cooperate with frequent, random, and observed alcohol and drug testing, cooperate with random field visits, attend office visits, attend DWI Court hearings, and abstain from using alcohol and drugs.

During each phase, the participants will work towards goals and abide by specific requirements outlined in a handbook. Examples of requirements include completing treatment, completing therapy, finding gainful employment and/or volunteering, obtaining housing, establishing a network of support, and paying all fines and fees associated with the program.

The DWI Court incorporates a system of incentives for compliance and sanctions for non-compliance.

Benefits to entering the DWI Court Program

Participants entering the DWI Court program will receive a reduced sentence as follows:

  • Waiver of mandatory minimum sentencing requirements pursuant to MN Statutes (including mandatory minimum jail time).
  • Upon graduation from DWI Court, participants’ probation may become less restrictive. 

Intense Community Support: over time, participants will establish a recovery network through renewed pro-social relationships and activities leading to lasting recovery and support.

DWI Court Team

Ninth Judicial District Judiciary
Judicial Officer and Treatment Court Coordinator

Crow Wing County Community Corrections
Probation Agent

Crow Wing County Attorney's Office
Assistant County Attorney

Defense Attorney

Crow Wing County Community Services
LADC/SUD Case Manager

Mental Health Provider

Crow Wing County Law Enforcement Agencies
Brainerd Police Department
Baxter Police Department
Crow Wing County Sheriff's Department

Mission Statement of the Crow Wing County DWI Court

The mission of the Crow Wing County DWI Court is to enhance public safety by increasing the supervision of DWI offenders, reducing recidivism rates, and increasing success of treatment. This results in participants becoming contributing members of society with restored self-worth.