Highway Improvement Plan

The 2023 to 2027 Highway Improvement Plan (HIP) was adopted by the County Board on April 11, 2023. The purpose of the HIP is to provide information to the public regarding future road improvements. View the interactive map showing the location of the projects outlined in the plan.  

5-year Highway Improvement Plan Video (Lakeland PBS)

We are looking for your comments on how we are doing with construction projects, let us know at: HOW ARE WE DOING?

Construction Projects

Project updates are available for:

Construction Project Bidding

Project bidding information is available, including instructions to download plans. Call the office at (218) 824-1110 if you have questions.

Modern Roundabouts

Learn how modern roundabouts work and how they help provide a safer and more efficient transportation system.


View various aspects of how the Highway Department works to design and maintenance a safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation system.

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