DWI Court Eligibility

  • Non-commit felony DWI conviction in Crow Wing County or 3rd DWI conviction within 10 years in Crow Wing County
  • Must be a Crow Wing County resident
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Ability to meet DWI Court requirements regarding physical and mental health status
  • Must not have any offenses that would compromise the safety of the participants and staff
  • Completion of Rule 25 Chemical Use Assessment with a diagnosis of being chemically dependent and is able to obtain chemical dependency treatment from the state or consolidated fund, private insurance or other sources
  • Adjudicated guilty of underlying offense
  • An individual is not automatically admitted to the Crow Wing County DWI Court upon meeting the above-listed eligibility criteria
    • DWI Court participants are admitted to the program via the discretionary decision of the DWI Court Team