2009 Decisions

Administrative Decisions for 2009

The decisions are based on the information that is provided and is limited to the particular facts of the property identified. The analysis comes from the ordinance language for each decision that is made. The decision that is made must meet the criteria of the ordinance and if that deviates, the administrative decision becomes null and void.

Parcel NumberTopic
59102000017C009 (PDF)Business Operation
980231400A00889 (PDF)Zoning Classification
992330010060009 (PDF)Home Occupation
680052304C00009 (PDF)Home Occupation
5312300200200009 (PDF)Business Operation
870301201AB0AA0 (PDF)Permit
870194308A00009 (PDF)Minor Subdivision
98023140A00889 (PDF)Non-conformities
88111004004009 (PDF)Non-conformities
620354305Z00009 (PDF)Zoning classification
790322200B00889 (PDF)Zoning classification
620354305Z00009 (PDF)Non-conformities
751050000360009 (PDF)Contiguous lots
500134200000009 (PDF)Race track - Personal use
9912100A013A009 (PDF)Removal of boat house 5 feet from OHW
970091100CA0009 (PDF)Four inch walkway setbacks
680342103ABF009 (PDF)Zoning classification
9912600B0030009 (PDF)Docking C.U.P.
660101101EC0889 (PDF)Permit - Mobile home park
680154202CA0009 (PDF)Zoning classification
99155000005B009 (PDF)Permit for addition
770291202G0009 (PDF)Second story addition
731250000040009 (PDF)Lake classification - Lot area and width
790323200E00009 (PDF)Home occupation - Gun smith
570302200000009 (PDF)Home occupation - Composting site
68105000001A009 (PDF)Non-conformities
681050000250009 (PDF)Home occupation - Office space
991230020060009 (PDF)Subdivision - Legal lot of record
730354206B00009 (PDF)Sign - Government sign
750051100000009 (PDF)Signs - Temporary
570173100000009 (PDF)Home occupation - Auto repair
686060009A0009 (PDF)Compliance with C.U.P.
660204400AB0009 (PDF)
Resort - No further cabin construction