2010 Decisions

Administrative Decisions for 2010

The decisions are based on the information that is provided and is limited to the particular facts of the property identified. The analysis comes from the ordinance language for each decision that is made. The decision that is made must meet the criteria of the ordinance and if that deviates, the administrative decision becomes null and void.

Parcel NumberTopic
730093200B00009 (PDF)RR5 Zoning District - Two dwellings
751060020090009 (PDF)Variance - No certificate of survey
600061302A00009 (PDF)Permit - Change of use
880302200000009 (PDF)
Registered gravel pit
63102000011A009 (PDF)Variance - Deck allowed
Article 28-Dirt Moving (PDF)Article 28 - Dirt moving
991620000010009 (PDF)Variance - Permit for addition
980133000ZAA009 (PDF)Towers -Temporary
LID Policy- Number 9 (PDF)Voting parcels versus assessed parcels
LID Policy-Number 8 (PDF)Five year report with specific information
LID Policy-Number 6 (PDF)Herbicide treatment
LID Policy-Number 4 (PDF)Annual administrative fee
591160009010009 (PDF)Zoning Classification - Legal lot of record
680203205G00009 (PDF)Zoning Classification - Extension granted
68101000007A009 (PDF)Non-conforming location