2011 Decisions

Administrative Decisions for 2011

The decisions are based on the information that is provided and is limited to the particular facts of the property identified. The analysis comes from the ordinance language for each decision that is made. The decision that is made must meet the criteria of the ordinance and if that deviates, the administrative decision becomes null and void.

Parcel NumberTopic
671030000030009 (PDF)Pervious patio in shore impact zone (SIZ)
780132401AC0009 (PDF)Non-conforming addition-handicap addition
980133000ZAA009 (PDF)Temporary cell tower
501400000200009 (PDF)Variance-addition of basement
500071302GBA009 (PDF)
Contiguous lots-Non-conforming lots
681290020010009 (PDF)Stormwater management-Pervious pavers
591230000200009 (PDF)Certificate of survey not required for variance
881020000460009 (PDF)Allow lakeward deck
730191403DG,E,F,G, H,IA,M,MA009 (PDF)Lake Hubert shoreline restoration
720111400000009 (PDF)Animal units within shoreland
730194405AB0009 (PDF)Lake Hubert shoreline restoration
9912100A013A009 (PDF)Compliance with approved variances
811170030040009 (PDF)Gun smith business
750051100000009 (PDF)Temporary signs
501090040080009 (PDF)Site Suitability Requirements
600353400000009 (PDF)Detached garage, Pole barn type construction
861010010010009 (PDF)Allow guest quarters in garage