Biographies of Past Sheriffs

Crow Wing County was established as a county on May 23, 1857 and organized on March 3, 1870. Below are short biographies on most of the past Crow Wing County Sheriff's and some information about the second Crow Wing County Jail.

Sheriff Scott GoddardScott Goddard

2019 to 2022

Sheriff Goddard is a Crow Wing County native born and raised in the Pequot Lakes / Jenkins Township area and a graduate of Pequot Lakes High School. He earned his law enforcement certificate in 1993 and began his career as an officer with Breezy Point Police Department. He also worked as a part-time officer with Pequot Lakes Police Department at the same time. While working for the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Goddard held a variety of positions and roles before being elected Sheriff including patrol deputy, patrol sergeant, Boat and Water sergeant, lieutenant and captain, field training officer, background investigator, firearms instructor, departmental armorer, Force on Force instructor, co-commander of the tactical team and more.

Todd DahlTodd O. Dahl

2007 to 2018

Sheriff Dahl is a Crow Wing County native who was born in Crosby and raised in Brainerd. He began his law enforcement career as a part-time water patrol deputy and was hired full-time in 1987. He served in many roles including Boat and Water sergeant and patrol sergeant before being elected Sheriff in 2006. Sheriff Dahl served three terms before retiring in 2018. Todd felt very fortunate to be able to work for the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office for his entire career.

Eric KlangEric Klang

2003 to 2006

Sheriff Klang grew up in Hermantown, MN before moving to Crow Wing County in 1990, where he started his law enforcement career. He began as a drug operative for the Heartland Drug Task Force (Net 6 Drug Task Force) and later joined the Patrol Division. He was elected Sheriff in 2002 and served one term. Eric continued working at the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office until July 2011 when he went on to become the Police Chief for the Pequot Lakes Police Department.

Dick RossRichard O. "Dick" Ross

1991 to 2002

Sheriff Ross was a Crosby High School graduate. In 1960, he started his law enforcement career as a police officer in Ironton before becoming a deputy with the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office in 1962. He was elected Sheriff in 1991, and retired in 2002, with 42 years of service in law enforcement. Throughout his career with the Sheriff's Office, he has also served as a jailor, sergeant, captain, and chief deputy (12 years).

Frank BallFrank R. Ball

1987 to 1990

Sheriff Ball served one term as Sheriff and then went on to become Chief of Police for the Brainerd Police Department. Prior to being elected sheriff, Ball served four years in the United States Army, was an officer for the Nisswa Police Department and Chief Investigator for the Sheriff's Office. 

Charles WarnbergCharles E. Warnberg

1962 to 1986

Sheriff Warnberg began his career with Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office in 1951 as a bookkeeper. He served as Chief Deputy for six years under Sheriffs Wickland and Krueger prior to being elected Sheriff. In 1962, Sheriff Krueger was the only candidate on the ballot, but died unexpectedly before the election, so Warnberg and another candidate got the 1,000 signatures needed to be on the ballot. Warnberg served as Sheriff for 24 years, the longest ever in Crow Wing County. Sheriff Ball said "Sheriff Warnberg was revered by all."

Al KruegerAlbert J. Krueger

1958 to 1962

According to Sheriff Warnberg, "Al Krueger was the best Sheriff we ever had." Sheriff Krueger began his law enforcement career in 1940 as a sheriff's deputy. In 1942 he entered the United States Army and served three years in the South Pacific before returning to the sheriff's office as a deputy. He was the last Sheriff to live in the old jail complex. Sheriff Krueger had one brother who was a highway patrol officer and another brother that was a game warden in Perham, Minnesota.

Roy WicklandRoy Wickland

1939 to 1958

At 6 feet, 3 inches tall and 350 pounds, Sheriff Wickland was the biggest Sheriff ever in Crow Wing County. Prior to becoming Sheriff, Wickland was a machinist for the Northern Pacific Railroad and operated a grocery store. He had a bloodhound named Prince. After his retirement in 1959, he served as a bailiff for Crow Wing County.

George RidleyGeorge A. Ridley

1936 to 1938

Sheriff Ridley was a deputy at the time of Frank Little's death in 1936 and he finished the remainder of Little's term. Ridley served as Chief of Police in Ironton prior to becoming the Sheriff of Crow Wing County. He also worked as a police officer with Brainerd Police Department.

Frank LittleFranklin E. Little

1931 to 1936

Sheriff Little’s son, Bud Little, was the last Brainerd man to be killed in World War II. Sheriff Little worked for the Northern Pacific Railroad and as the mayor of Brainerd prior to becoming Sheriff.

Claus TheorinClaus A. Theorin

1916 to 1922 / 1927 to 1930

Sheriff Theorin was a deputy for seven years prior to becoming Sheriff in 1916 (serving an eight-year term) and then again in 1927 (serving a four-year term). It was during Theorin's term that the second Crow Wing County Jail and Sheriff's Residence was built (pictured below).

F.J. ReidFred J. Reid

1909 to 1915 / 1923 to 1926

Sheriff Reid was a deputy for Crow Wing County for eight years prior to becoming Sheriff. Prior to law enforcement, Sheriff Reid worked as a farmer, road contractor, supervisor and foreman of a logging camp. After serving his elected term as sheriff, Reid served as chief deputy under Sheriffs Frank Little and George Ridley. He moved to Minneapolis after retiring from Crow Wing County.

Ole Erickson

Ole P. Erickson

1897 to 1908

Unfortunately, nothing is known about Sheriff's Erickson's time in office.

Henry Spalding

Henry Spalding

1888 to 1896

Sheriff Spalding was unanimously appointed Crow Wing County Sheriff by the Crow Wing County Commissioners to fill the remaining term of Sheriff McLaren when he resigned. Prior to becoming sheriff, Spalding was a popular railroad conductor.

No Photo AvailableMalcolm McLaren

1887 to 1888

Sheriff McLaren resigned as Crow Wing County Sheriff on February 7, 1888, after it was discovered that he was born in Canada and was not a United States citizen. 

No Photo AvailablePeter Mertz

1880 to 1886 

Sheriff Mertz was a colorful, daring and enterprising sheriff. In 1891 he was elected Chief of Police by the city council of Spokane, Washington and served until 1895.

No Photo AvailableGeorge W. Whitney

1876 to 1879

Unfortunately, nothing is known about Sheriff Whitney's time in office.

No Photo AvailableArthur F. McKay

1874 to 1875

Sheriff McKay was engaged in contracting and building prior to becoming sheriff. He was also the Sheriff of Swift County for two years.

No Photo AvailableJohn "Jack" Gurrell

1872 to 1873

Sheriff Gurrell was in control of the first county jail built in Brainerd. Prior to moving to Crow Wing County, Gurrell was the Sheriff of Carlton County. He had an extended experience as an officer of the law, principally in the country west of the Missouri River. 

No Photo AvailableHenry Depew

ca 1871 to 1871

Unfortunately, nothing is known of Sheriff Depew other than he is listed in the historical records of the Crow Wing County Historical Society as the Sheriff of Crow Wing County for at least part of 1871.

No Photo AvailableHenry Dressen

ca 1871 to 1871

Sheriff Dressen had been a non-commissioned officer at Fort Ripley for several years prior to becoming Crow Wing County Sheriff. He leased a hotel and operated a barbershop following his time as Sheriff.

No Photo AvailableWilliam Wade

ca 1870 to 1871

Sheriff Wade held several positions of trust in the community; among them he was the first [sic] Sheriff of Crow Wing County. 

No Photo AvailableWilliam W. McArthur

ca 1865 to 1870

Unfortunately, nothing is known about Sheriff McArthur's time in office.

1917 JailThe "1917 Jail" was to be one of the most modern in the state; the structure, measuring 50 x 100 feet, two stories high, was to contain a twenty-cell jail in the back and Sheriff's residence in the front. The value of this building was estimated at $28,000. This building became the home to the Crow Wing County Historical Society Museum in 1982.

Six sheriffs and their families lived in the residence between its construction and 1962. Sheriff Krueger, who died while in office, was the last sheriff to reside here. That year the new Sheriff Warnberg decided not to move into the house and the residence became the sheriff's offices. The Sheriff's Office moved into the current building in 1979.            

  Photo courtesy of the Crow Wing County Historical Society.