GIS Maps

About the Division

Geographic Information System (GIS) creates, manages, maintains, and updates programs and data related to GIS technology and services to county departments, other public and private entities, and the public. Specific functions include:

  • Create new data layers and applications as requested by county departments
  • Install GIS programs and provide technical support to county departments that utilize GIS
  • Maintain and improve the public GIS website and paid subscription service
  • Maintain data integrity of existing database used by various departments while continually updating data
  • Provide maps and related GIS technology to the public and entities outside of county government, both public and private
  • Track and assess new GIS technologies and integrate them into county operations as necessary
  • Train county personnel in how to effectively use GIS in a variety of formats and service environments

What is a Geographic Information System (GIS)?

A GIS is a specific piece of computer software that, like a database program, allows the user to store, maintain, analyze, and display database information. What makes a GIS different from other database systems is that the information managed has a geographic or spatial context.

Based on the common denominator of geographic location, GIS ties data from many different sources into 1 common map form. This allows the user to visualize the data and see how the different data interact, resulting in a better understanding of the information and a more informed decision process.